Welcome to The Stern Group, Inc., a non-partisan international advisory firm in the nation's capital with 30 years of expertise in business and government strategy, and a track record of positive outcomes for our clients across industry sectors in the areas of public policy, diplomacy, economics, and international trade.

Thanks for being my "eyes and ears" in Washington.

Jay Allen, VP, Corporate AffairsWalmart

Paula Stern combined her keen strategic thinking, superb professional reputation, fine academic training, and vast political and business experience in the U.S. and overseas to complement the efforts of our global government affairs group, headquarters, and CEO . [She] penetrated the policy jargon to shape recommendations that were tailored to the bottom line of our competitive global business enterprise.

Vince LoVoi, VPThe Warner-Lambert Company

Paula's strong leadership and sound advice to our team was instrumental to our ultimate success as we pursued all available avenues to resolve an international dispute; an effort confronted by political and legal obstacles that often seemed insurmountable.

Thomas Herder, VP & General CounselSiemens Energy, Inc.

The Stern Group's dedicated efforts on this high tech/flat panel display case are recognized by everyone working on this case. We like your creative approach in trying to establish the economic problems in the industry caused by factors other than LTFV imports.

Sanjei MisamotoElectronics Industry Association of Japan

We have distributed over 1200 copies of The Stern Group's study of the North American Free Trade Agreement to our members, Congress, the media and the public since August and have just had it reprinted. It has served as the basis for our testimony before House Ways and Means and the ITC as well as for our thirty-one state studies. The U.S. Chamber and the U.S. Alliance for NAFTA are also using it extensively.

Colleen S. Morton, Executive DirectorU.S. Council of the Mexico-U.S. Business Committee

Dr. Stern's intellect and experience allow her to present complex information to a large audience in an engaging and informative way. Dr. Stern is an effective and captivating public speaker.

Pamela F. BucklesCenter for Public Policy Education, The Brookings Institution

We commissioned The Stern Group to produce a groundbreaking report of the effects on the U.S. economy of lifting unilateral food and medical sanctions on Cuba in order to educate members of Congress on the matter — resulting in a successful vote. We received absolutely professional attention with an unexpected dose of warmth and grace — what we've come to view as the hallmark of Dr. Stern's style.

The World Policy InstituteNew School University

The Stern Group's studies produced an easily understandable set of numbers which have been used repeatedly by the media and in other fora....As a result, the Coalition has been sought out by the private sector, government officials and the media as a leading group in the United States to discuss general private sector views and technical issues as they relate to the GATT negotiations.

Annual ReportMulti-lateral Trade Negotiations Coalition

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) has become very well-known in Washington due to the work of The Stern Group, which has become, in effect, our Washington office.

Lucy Sanders, CEO and Co-founderNational Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)

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