Drawing on our experts’ more than 100 years of combined experience in government, business and international trade, economic and public policymaking, and journalism, The Stern Group, Inc. offers multi-disciplinary services and a world perspective to meet the needs and interests of our clients.

  • Design strategies to help clients achieve their corporate goals in Washington and overseas
  • Broker connections with governments and international organizations.
  • Develop and implement successful political and economic policy campaigns, and strategic branding strategies
  • Advocate and resolve economic and legal rights in trade disputes worldwide
  • Enforce international arbitration awards through quiet diplomacy
  • Identify bilateral, regional and multi-lateral opportunities in international trade negotiations
  • Navigate trade barriers
  • Evaluate political and socio-economic risks
  • Organize international parliamentary conferences
  • Produce White Papers and Op-Eds to support policy campaigns
  • Prepare briefings on international trade policy issues, tailored to our clients markets, products, issues and geographic regions